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As the arts field and the nation were facing the pandemic, Indy Movement Arts began experimenting with small, digital fellowships as our contribution towards keeping the arts economy viable.  We have retained the program, and the Process/Progress residency is the latest iteration of our experiment.  Process/Progress pays artists to reflect on their creative process and how they incorporate movement into their practice. 

Introducing our current Process/Progress fellow,
John Vazquez

My name is John Vazquez; I'm a multimedia illustrator primarily working with traditional and digital methods. The majority of my work is a byproduct of what my imagination dreams up and my life experiences (past memories, present struggles and future ambitions). My aim with my work is to imbue whatever moment or emotion I'm trying to capture with a sense of marvel and playfulness; a lot of this comes across as surrealism with the inclusion of animals and fantasy/sci-fi elements, all of which serve to tell stories that make up the human experience.

Past Process/Progress fellows

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Charles Borowicz

Oct.-Dec. 2023

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Mina Keohane

Jul.-Sept. 2022

Elisabeth A. Roskopf (Headshot 2022-2023).JPG

Elisabeth Roskopf

Apr.-Jun. 2023


Natasha Thomas

Apr.-Jun. 2022

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Deanna Glenn

Jan.-Mar. 2023

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Jenny Delfuego

Jan.-Mar. 2022


Mary Jo DeMyer

Oct.-Dec. 2022


Kelvin Burzon

Oct.-Dec. 2021

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