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The Micro Fellowship

IMAC's new Micro Fellowship is a month-long journey that highlights local artists that live their creativity every day. We want to reward artists who are curious, collaborative, and committed. IMAC Micro Fellows receive a $200 stipend to create 2 videos per week for the IMAC audience exploring their thoughts on and expressions of artistry, craftsmanship, and anything that really moves them to be makers. 

Luis Antonio
July 2021

  • Instagram

Keegan Loye
June 2021

  • Instagram

Devin Hill

  • Instagram

Sawyer Harvey

April 2021

  • Instagram

Jelani Davis

March 2021

  • YouTube

Sara Diggs February 2021

  • Instagram

Andre Williams January 2021

  • Instagram


December 2020

  • Instagram


Sears-Watson November 2020

  • Instagram

Nicole Kelter October 2020

  • Instagram
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