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Tai Chi

With Dustin McCreery

Wednesdays, 10am-11am

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) is a moving meditation and martial art that embodies the principle of yin/yang. Done slowly, the Taiji adept finds themselves entering a calm state of coordinated movement. Done quickly, the movement can be adapted to a martial context. Taiji students often refer to themselves as players rather than practitioners because whether doing the solo slow form, or two person games (from a safe distance) such as "push hands", we stir a curiosity, a playfulness that offers bodily insight.

In class we will acquire the solo form, which is a set of postures with an emphasis on the essence of Taijiquan, meditative movement. All levels of skills are welcome. Expect form study, partnered work, limbering exercises to release tensions, and philosophical dialogue.

Book Your Spot

$16/Single Class
IMAC 5/10 Class Pass accepted

Scholarships Available

Please note that Tai Chi with Dustin McCreery will be moving to Monday nights from 5-6pm,
beginning May 29th.

About the Instructor

Meet Dustin McCreery

Dustin began his martial arts journey as a teen and has been studying Taijiquan intimately with his teacher, Master John Charlton, for over 7 years, under the instruction of Grandmaster William C.C. Chen.  He has taught groups and private lessons since 2018 to a diverse range of people.


Upon meeting my teacher I was enthralled by the effortless yet intentional movement.  Taijiquan gave me a physical space to express and embody concepts I had been sitting with for years. I had found a new place to rest my mind within my body.

Know Before You Go

Indy Movement Arts is located at 4011 North Pennsylvania Street. Please park along Pennsylvania Street and enter the building via the double door that face Pennsylvania Street. You will see our IMAC and DANCE signs in the windows. Please wear clothing you can comfortably move in and bring water. 

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