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The New Orleans Original Buckshop




Rooted in New Orleans' unique spiritual and cultural traditions, The New Orleans Original BuckShop workshop provides not just a window, but a doorway into practices that have sustained communities through joy, rhythm, and resilience.


An exploration of the unifying power of the Black Church and Black syncretic practices, the workshop aims to share the essence of Black New Orleans culture in a format that benefits every participant. These spiritual and communal elements have historically knitted together a potentially fragmented Black community, nourishing a collective identity and fostering resilience through shared rituals and beliefs.


Through her Second Line Aesthetic, Michelle N. Gibson's workshop focuses on improvised movement, interpretation, defined footwork, full body articulation, authentic self, and the embrace of communal ritual. With hips leading the torso and feet, legs bent at the knees, and steps that strut, Gibson invites participants to share lived experiences, embodied spiritual unification, harmony, rolling on the same rhythms together, and moving forward as a way to heal the world.

Are YOU ready to "Play with it"? 

International dance-maker, Michelle Gibson will be teaching her The New Orleans Original Buckshop workshop accompanied by a live brass band on Saturday, June 8th from 12pm-2pm at the Madam Walker Legacy Center. Everyone is welcome to attend this all-levels workshop! Drawing on her upbringing in New Orleans, Gibson “…engages participants in the culture and Diasporic traditions of Black New Orleans as pertains to the rooted history of the city, through dance, language, art and music…Using her Second Line Aesthetic in dance workshops…she acquaints participants with Second Line as a rooted spiritual impulse for movement.” 

“‘Play with it’ means play with your own inner rhythm,” Ms. Gibson explained in an interview with the New York Time in July of 2022. “That’s your real you. Everybody second line different, honey, because everybody got their own different testimonies.”

“My practice is more motivated by spiritual unification, harmony, rolling on the same rhythms together and moving forward. That’s what the world needs. I want to heal the world. Just let me strut.”

The New Orleans Original Buckshop Workshop
Madam Walker Legacy Center
Saturday, June 8th 2024

Movers of all levels are welcome. The workshop will be accompanied by a live brass band. Parking is available behind the building in a lot reserved for patrons of the Madam Walker Legacy Center. Please wear clothing AND SHOES you can comfortably move in.

Partial and full scholarships are available through IMAC's Movement Scholarship Fund for those that want to attend but cannot spare the cash.

Michelle N. Gibson

Neon Black 2024 Artist in Residence

Michelle N. Gibson is a Mother, Choreographer, Cultural Ambassador, Curator, Professor, Performing Artist, and Spiritualist. She received her BFA in Dance from Tulane University and her MFA from Hollins University in collaboration with the American Dance Festival at Duke University. Currently, Gibson is as a Professor of Practice in Dance at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and recently completed her 14th year on faculty with the American Dance Festival’s Pre-Professional Intensive at Duke University.

Michelle N. Gibson is a consummate storyteller, employing body and mind to build a bridge between the culture and academia, but most importantly, humanity. On stage and in the classroom, Gibson intricately intertwines Black African American dance traditions, choreography, and associated scholarship linking the vibrant heritage of New Orleans through the Caribbean to the vast expanses of Africa, evoking the social, political, economic, and spiritual understandings central to building bonds within and across cultures. This journey, steeped in both tradition and innovation, encapsulates Gibson’s unwavering commitment to heal the world through the culture.

Neon Black is supported in part by a generous donation from The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate.  

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