OPEN Indy 2021

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Eternity 123
Part of the Spirit & Place Festival

Friday, November 12th at 7pm
Saturday, November 13th at 7pm

Tube Factory Artspace -
Big Car Collaborative
1125 South Cruft Street, Indianapolis

Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective, in partnership with Big Car Collaborative, is pleased to present international Butoh Artist, Vangeline, as a part of their OPEN Indy (Original. Performance. Experiments. Now.) annual artist residency program. 

Eternity 123 is the third installment of a feminist dance triptych choregraphed and performed by Vangeline (Elsewhere-2018, Erasure-2019, and now Eternity 123). Eternity 123 traces the symbolic journey of women's emancipation across time. With this piece, Vangeline also celebrates the impact of women on the art form of butoh, exploring the link between women, butoh, and "cabaret."

Behind all significant cultural movements and changes in history, the lives of countless women can be found, as well as countless voices that have been silenced. As we challenge our collective memory by telling their stories, we redefine the importance of women's participation in society. 

Butoh is a hybrid form of dance theater that came out of Post WWII Japan. Butoh links physical and spiritual practices from around the globe and accounts for aging or differently abled bodies as well as the energetic qualities of youth. Drawing from many Eastern spiritual traditions, butoh revalues darkness as a transformative agent and an integral aspect to growth, healing and transformation for both performer and audience alike.


OPEN Indy 2021 is supported by the Arts Midwest Touring Fund, a program of Arts Midwest that is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional contributions from the Indiana Arts Commission and the Crane Group.


OPEN Indy 2021 performances of Eternity 123, choreographed and performed by Vangeline, are presented in partnership with Big Car Collaborative.

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