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Sparkling Lights

Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective


A Light in the Window-Odes to winter

A Light in the Window - Odes to Winter was conceived and directed by Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective, hosted by the Indianapolis Opera, and made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council of Indianapolis. 

Window #1

Winter Carols

Indianapolis Opera

Performers: Heather Hanson (Soprano), Lyndsay Moy (Mezzo-soprano), John Brewer (Tenor), Oliver Worthington (Bass)

In the Bleak Midwinter, Gustav Holst

Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming, Michael Praetorius

"Es ist genug," No. 5 Choral from O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort, BWV 60, J.S. Bach

Carol of the Bells, Peter J. Wilhousky

Window #2

After Winter, Spring

Performer: Usha Sirimalle

Incorporating different styles of classical dances from southern and northern parts of India, semi-classical dance is an art form that features extensive movement while maintaining grace along with expressions and speed.  This dance form breaks the stylized structures and forms of classical Indian dance and adopts a more contemporary feel, creating a fun and fluid dance while keeping the ethos of the classical forms intact.

Window #3

Partially Established Veerings

Choreography: Luther DeMyer

Performers: Mary Jo DeMyer, Luther DeMyer

Set Design: Mary Jo DeMyer

"The Seasons, Op. 37b: No. 10, October (Autumn Song)" by Tchaikobsky

Performed by: Khatia Buniatishvili

Window #4

Black Trauma on Display... Voices Unheard

Choreography: Justin Sears-Watson

Performers: Devin Hill, Jordan Bryant, Corey McKenzie

"All Human Beings" by Max Richter, KiKi Layne, and Mari Samuelson

window #5


Concept: Lani Weissbach

Performer: Lani Weissbach

Film and Sound Design: Charles Borowicz

Window #6

In Their Prime

Staging: Hadar Tann

Performers: Heidi Phillips, Tanner Hronek

Set Design: Hadar Tann & Sarah MacDougal

Set Decorators: Idrienne Steiman, Lani Weissbach, Eve Earley, Michael Fischer, Sarah MacDougal, & Hadar Tann


"1920's Dances" from the movie Don't Rock the Boat

"Wrap Your Troubles Up in Dreams," by Bing Crosby

Window #7

I Cannot Go

NoExit Performance

Devised by: Beverly Roche

with Assistance From: Every Wilder, Lukas Schooler, Ryan Mullins

Words by: Emily Bronte, Langston Hughes, William Shakespeare

Conversations with others, conversations in the mind and the layers of seasons and time. 

A reflection of solitude and hope

Art Patron Fund

If you enjoyed this evening's performances, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to IMAC's Art Patron Fund.  All donations will go directly to tonight's participating artists/arts organizations:  Indianapolis Opera, NoExit Performance, Usha Sirimalle of Indy Bollywood, Justin Sears-Watson, Mary Jo DeMyer and Luther DeMyer, Hadar Tann, and Lani Weissbach.  

A Light in the Window-Odes to Winter is made possible with generous support of the Arts Council of Indianapolis.  

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