The Wisdom of the Body

with Lani Weissbach

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The Wisdom of the Body,

a FREE online, monthly series

with Lani Weissbach

2/21, 3/21, 4/18, & 5/16


1-2pm EST

Pre-registration is required. You may register for any or all of the dates, each will be a stand alone experience. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom meeting. Please note that Lani will send another email to all registered participants a few days prior to each session with a reminder as well as any additional information you need to know.

February 21st: What is embodiment, and why does it matter? 

  • This will be an introduction to the topic of embodiment.

March 21st: Embodiment and the World, Part 1.

  • This session will focus on the relationship of our bodies/selves to the natural, non-human world.

April 18th: Embodiment and the World, Part 2.

  • We will explore the relationship of our bodies/selves with that of other humans through a variety of lenses (social, political, racial, cultural, etc.)

May 16th: Embodiment and Spirit.​

  • We will explore the connection of our bodies to a "higher consciousness" or the ethereal realm.

Lani Weissbach, IMAC’s Director of Embodied Learning will facilitate Wisdom of the Body, a monthly online forum designed to bring people of all backgrounds and experience together to explore the myriad ways we can grow, learn and heal through the wisdom of the body.  Who is this for?  You! People of all walks of life and from any profession are encouraged to attend.  Each session will incorporate foundation elements of mindfulness meditation and will introduce a variety of simple somatic explorations that can be useful to anyone in their daily lives.  Some writing and discussion will be encouraged, and each participant can engage with the group to their level of comfort.  Each session will explore different topics and practices that are designed to:


  • Create a friendly, welcoming space for everyone to feel safe, supported and free to express

  • Introduce simple and powerful embodiment practices to release stress and create freedom and ease in mind and body

  • Explore a variety of prompts (in the form of questions, quotations, poems, imagery, music, drawing, etc.) to provoke new, non-habitual and creative ways of thinking and being in our bodies

  • Enjoy lively and respectful exchange with fellow humans

  • Gain insights and a deeper understanding of a variety of issues related to our personal and collective human experience

  • Model the foundation for equity in the world by engaging with each other from a foundation of sensitivity, respect and kindness


For each session, please have the following available:

  1.  A clear space to move, sit, and lie down that is free from clutter or objects that might be distracting. 

  2. Any and all props that you already have that might help with your physical comfort in sitting and/or lying down on the floor – blankets, a yoga or exercise mat, bolster, meditation cushion or pillow, chair, etc.

  3. Paper or a journal and pens/pencils for doing short writing or drawing explorations

  4. Clothing comfortable for movement