The Somatic Roots

of Creativity

A Movement-based Mentorship Program
With Lani Weissbach, MFA, RSME/T, E-RYT 500
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The Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective is excited to offer a new, short-term, paid, mentorship program for people in such fields as dance/theater/music performance, visual arts, therapy, education, and social justice who are interested in cultivating creativity through experiential, embodied practice. Using a discovery model of learning, Lani will facilitate a variety of somatic (body-based) practices that will then serve as a springboard for simple movement composition experiments in solos, duets and small groups. A variety of artistic disciplines, including visual art, writing, spoken word, etc.) will also be integrated into the curriculum. By the end of the program, the participants will have created several short movement-based "vignettes" around each unique weekly theme, and a select number of these vignettes will then be presented in a final, informal showing for the public.  

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What is the purpose of this program?

IMAC is strongly committed to supporting people who are interested in developing both individual and collective creativity to further the growth and well-being of our community. As such, we are seeking strong applicants who have a desire to learn through the body and to take this knowledge into their lives/professions in a meaningful way. Among its many benefits, this mentorship program will guide participants to:

  • Discover the authentic and expressive self through the moving body​

  • Build empathy by moving with and observing other nonjudgmentally

  • Expand one's movement palette and abilities

  • Develop the ability to give thoughtful and meaningful feedback

  • Challenge and re-pattern unhelpful beliefs and ingrained habits

  • Develop our multiple intelligences, with emphasis on somatic/kinesthetic intelligence (awareness of the body from within)

  • Cultivate a sensitive and alive interplay between self, other and the environment

  • Build fluency with movement-based improvisation as a medium for creativity, connection and collaboration

  • Learn to use the fundamentals of dance/movement composition to co-create simple yet compelling movement compositions

  • Spark fresh and innovative ways of being in one's body, with others and the world

  • Grow self-confidence and self-worth

  • Discover ways to integrate embodied practice int one's personal and professional life

The Curriculum

The first part (approximately up to the first hour of each 2-hour session) will focus on growing a somatic body of knowledge through experimentation with the weekly theme. Weekly themes will focus on a variety of ways to explore the basic building blocks of dance/movement composition - time, energy, and space. Lani will guide participants through a variety of somatic and creative processes around each theme. The second part of each session will provide participants time to work individually and/or collaboratively on short compositions for which Lani will provide simple parameters. These compositions will be shown toward the end of the two-hour period and recorded on video. (Note: these video recordings will not be shared with anyone outside the group and are for the sole purpose of reference for the informal performance and for archival purposes.) In addition, some focus to giving and receiving verbal feedback will be part of the process.  


Participants will be required to download the SLACK app for group communication and sharing of r esources.Slack will also serve as a forum for discussions and communication outside of the weekly sessions as well as a place to store all video.  

Who can apply?

IMAC encourages people from a variety of professions/interests to apply, and formal dance or movement training is not necessary to be accepted into this program. If you are:

  • Passionate about movement

  • Interested in growing your creative and intuitive self

  • Have a curious and open mind

  • Open to working with improvisation (in-the-moment exploration)

  • A team player

  • Comfortable or open to developing comfort with being seen in informal performance settings

  • A lover of learning and growing in community with others

Program Details

Dates: We are looking at Sundays in late May into early June 2023. Exact dates will be determined before the application process opens up in early March 2023

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Where: Indy Movement Arts Collective

Fee: Each participant will receive a small stipend for their full participation in the program, including the final, informal performance (date and time TBA)

How to Apply

Interested folks must submit a brief online application to be considered for this opportunity. IMAC will begin accepting applications for this program in March of 2023. A total of no more than 5 applicants will be selected. 

*Upon acceptance into the program, each participant will be required to sign a contract with IMAC that outlines expectations and guidelines for participation in the program.