Tai Chi

with Dustin McCreery

Tai Chi Session

January 7th-January 27th




$15/single class

$40/full 4-week session

IMAC class passes are accepted.



You must be pre-registered for class.

Walk-ins are not allowed.

Masks must be worn at all times.

When you pre-register, you can choose to pay online, in person, or with your IMAC class pass. Please review our health & safety protocols before registering for class.

Tai Chi at IMAC

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) is a moving meditation and martial art that embodies the principle of yin/yang. Done slowly, the Taiji adept finds themselves entering a calm state of coordinated movement. Done quickly, the movement can be adapted to a martial context. Taiji students often refer to themselves as players rather than practitioners because whether doing the solo slow form, or two person games (from a safe distance) such as "push hands", we stir a curiosity, a playfulness that offers bodily insight.

In class we will acquire the solo form, which is a set of postures with an emphasis on the essence of Taijiquan, meditative movement. All levels of skills are welcome. Expect form study, partnered work (from a safe distance), limbering exercises to release tensions, and philosophical dialogue.