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by Kelvin Burzon


Penitensya – translated as ‘repentance’ – is an internalized investigation of the interrelationship of queer Filipinos in semblance of a traditional religious ritual. Centralized on a prayer bench resembling familial/cultural ties and institutions of oppression, the movements emerge as a form of mortification and penance. 


The piece’s namesake is a Lenten ritual practiced on Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday where Filipinos perform specific movements/tasks as a spiritual gesture to repent for sins. These set of rituals or penitents can include hooded half-naked figures, self-flagellation, cross-bearing, live crucifixions, etc. 


The audio includes a recording made by the artist on December 2, 2015 of a confessional as he began the photographic series “Noli Me Tangere”.

Poem I (cont.)

Fuego + Friends (with Sylva Dean and John Clark)

Performed by Jenny Delfuego, Sylva Dean, and John Clark

Indianapolis-based artist, Jenny Delfuego perpetually searches for the phrase through materials, movement, text and sound.

Sylva Dean, visiting from New York City, is the performative experience for the Avant Garde connoisseur.

John Clark, creator and publisher of pLopLop "Antholozine" of poetry, prose and artwork is an Indianapolis-based visual artist, Big Car co-founder and writer. 

The Motherload

Conceived and directed by Bethany Wells Bak in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Bethany Wells Bak, Lauren Curry, Mary Jo DeMyer, Tanner Hronek and Lani Weissbach

Music by Vince Guaraldi & Bola Seta, English Chamber Orchestra, and Steve Reich & Pat Metheny

Thank you to Sarah Ledbetter and my fellow creatives in A Vast and Humble Abode Working Group. This work was born out of our eight-month long creative journey together. I am grateful beyond measure. 

The Interloper: Condescension in Motion

(an interactive performance)

by Lauren Curry

The Interloper knows you can't be trusted to experience art without a mediating force. The Interloper is that force. You're welcome

Process/Progress Art Salon is presented in partnership with Big Car Collaborative and is made possible by The Arts Council of Indianapolis, The City of Indianapolis and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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