Mat Pilates Burn

with Heidi Keller Phillips

August 1st-August 13th

Inside, In Person




IMAC 5 and 10 class passes are accepted.


You must be pre-registered for class. 

Walk-ups are not allowed.

Masks are highly recommended for vaccinated individuals.

Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals.


You have until 7am on the day of class to cancel your reservation and receive a refund. You must be registered by 9:30am if you plan on attending class. Please bring a mat, towel, and water to class. Flexible, athletic clothing is recommended. 

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Mat Pilates Burn

A high intensity, low impact, fast paced, pilates-based mat class! Heidi Phillips will take you through warm up, breathing exercises, and a full body strengthening, toning, burning, stretching, and lengthening program that will help you tap into your power and leave you feeling energized. Some prior experience in pilates, yoga, barre or dance classes is a good idea, but everybody (and every body!) is welcome. People who are just starting a fitness routine are encouraged to join (with reminders to modify or slow tempo) but the class will be taught to challenge and reach new fitness goals together. Power up! Let’s go!