Would you like Nia classes offered in Indianapolis?

Nia classes are offered in major cities throughout the country, and now we have the opportunity to  bring Jill Factor, a First Degree Nia Black Belt instructor and  Nia Faculty Trainer with over 15 years of teaching experience here to you!

We need 25 people to make this happen. If you might be one of them, please SIGN UP HERE

What is Nia?


Nia movement classes combine dance technique with martial arts movements and mindfulness practices from healing arts. Nia is the first cardio dance workout to bring mindfulness to group exercise. The unique fusion style of this barefoot practice has fundamentally changed lives through its evolutionary approach to fitness and self-healing for over 30 years. 


Nia is a fun creative pathway to health and exercise that is adaptable to all ages and physical ability. 



Through Movement We Find Health


Nia is based on a simple idea that movement is the medicine of life. Moving makes the body feel better. By learning how to listen to the body, to sensation, Nia practice teaches you to access your body’s wisdom. The body itself reveals that the way to long-term health and fitness is by choosing pleasure. Nia movements emphasize feeling good in your body. 


To learn more visit: nianow.com