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Mary Jo DeMyer
Oct.-Dec. 2022


Mary Jo DeMyer is Luther DeMyer’s incredibly talented mother. She is a visual artist whose home, yard, and garage in Meridian-Kessler serve as her studio and gallery. She began making art at an early age, inspired by the way her mom moved about and decorated the house. Her high school ceramics teacher, Roberta Simmons, believed in her creative potential and encouraged her commitment to art making. Mary Jo went on to study at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she began to combine pieces of individual artwork into fully realized art environments. Recently, she was commissioned by the Nature Conservancy in Indiana to create a donor wall made of paper cut outs. In addition to this she has been commissioned to create ceramics, quilts, curtains, paper cut outs, home decor, and yard art by numerous individuals in Indiana and throughout the United States. She has also been accepted and shown in many juried shows throughout the country. However, her favorite creation is her son, Luther.

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