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Kelvin Burzon
Oct.-Dec. 2021

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Kelvin Burzon's recent work addresses, but does not attempt to resolve, the tension between religion and homosexuality. He examines religion's traditions, imagery, theatricality, and psychological vestige. By appropriating religious imagery and language, the work is recontextualized by the insertion of LGBTQ members and activists. Burzon's work has been exhibited abroad and all over the country and is part of several permanent collections including the Kinsey Institute and The Center for Photography at Woodstock.

"As the inaugural IMAC Process/Progress fellow, I will be focusing on reflecting on how movement influences my practice and research as a creator of still-imagery. Looking back at previous works by means of re-creating and re-preforming movements allow room for re-examination and re-application. This examination of PROCESS will then be applied to my current in-PROGRESS project as an Arts Council of Indianapolis DeHaan Artist of Distinction award recipient."

-Kelvin Burzon

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