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STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor

With more than thirty-five years of experience as performer, choreographer, improvisor, and educator in contemporary/modern dance and dance theater, I have spent almost as much time investing in cross-training practices which revive my body when the kinetic whirl of dance has pulled it apart. I thrive on tailoring each private training session to meet the physical needs and embodied goals of my clients. In small group sessions, I design specialized programs as group dynamics emerge, and always delight in returning to beginning exercises, which never cease to offer new and deepening information.

My movement training and healing background also includes a variety of experience in somatic practices such as floor barre, choreographies by and studies with Irene Dowd, contact improvisation, Zen Touch Shiatsu; Ashtanga, White Lotus, and Anusara Yoga; Feldenkrais Method, Body Mind Centering, and Alexander Technique. I have a passion for learning, which is fed by working with a diverse clientele, my personal embodied and creative practices, and continuing education in STOTT PILATES, dance, and other somatic forms.

Becoming a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor ignited in me a renewed passion for the power of focused and deeply articulated movement. ​I appreciate making connections where I can. If you have questions about my teaching in particular, or somatic practice in general, please contact me through my website!