Capoeira Instructor


A practitioner of Capoeira for nearly 10 years under the instruction of Contra-Mestre Carcará of Capoeira Mandinga com Expressão in Rochester, NY, Ethan earned the status of Monitor, or senior student, in 2015. Since then, he has taught classes and workshops at various academies, college campuses, schools, and community events throughout Rochester and Indianapolis, including IUPUI, and IPS schools.

“Capoeira has opened my eyes to a wider world of movement. I have attended two workshops with renowned movement teacher Ido Portal, and am also an active practitioner of Parkour and indoor climbing. Movement is my passion, and spreading that passion by sharing it with others is my goal. While I still consider myself a student (and always will), I am humbled by the opportunity to share with you… Capoeira is for everyone and almost anything can be modified to accommodate different bodies and ability levels.”