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Charlies Borowicz
Jul.-Sept. 2023

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Charles Borowicz is a photographer and video artist based in the Midwest

He graduated with a BFA in Photography in 2002 and helped found the collective, AnC Movies, creating films, notably the documentary ‘Science, Sex, and the Ladies’. He has worked on a number of dance films in Indianapolis and collaborated with No Exit, Motus Dance, IMAC, and as well as choreographers Rebecca Pappas, Heidi Keller-Phillips, Stephanie Nugent, Stefanie Allen,and Tommy Lewey. He has shown work in LA at Tarp Tarp,  Participated in ‘Water Works’ residency on Governors Island In New York, shown work at a number of festivals across the country and taught Media courses at Butler University in Indianapolis. His massive video installation ‘Semblant’ is currently on display in the Indianapolis Museum of Art Lume space. 


He is interested in the world we create for ourselves, our interpretation of reality, and the relationship between seemingly opposing dualities.  He explores the way we experience the world, particularly as our culture grows increasingly fixated with the allure of the fantastic and the relentless pursuit of “excellence”, all while becoming increasingly disillusioned with the ordinary, the boring, and the mundane.

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