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May 6-May 27



Drop-ins are welcome.

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Capoeira is a dynamic, acrobatic, and playful mix of expressive movement and martial elements. It blends elements of dance, improvisation, self-expression, attacks, evades, feints, acrobatics, pantomime, and music. Practitioners of Capoeira learn to utilize and improve kinesthetic awareness, strength, balance, and dexterity within the context of a playful and “game-like” setting. This class is geared toward practitioners of all levels, from no experience to many years. Class may include any combination of warm-up, movement exercises, drills, conditioning, partner work, and play. Participants can expect to learn and practice the basic movements of Capoeira, as well as Capoeira music and instrumentation, Portuguese language, and historical context of the development of the art. Please wear loose or moveable long pants and bring a water bottle. Shoes are optional but outdoor shoes are not allowed on the dancefloor.

  • May 4-May 25

    Starts May 4


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    1 hr 15 min


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