Artist Engagement

Photo by: Michael Blase

IMAC recognizes the importance of supporting artists at all stages of their career, growth, and development. We value the work of our emerging artists, mid-career artists, and those with a substantial body of work. We have two programs: The Makers Lab and OPEN Indy to engage with artists at any level. 

Early-career to mid-career artists and organizations

The Makers Lab was created by IMAC in 2017 to serve as an incubator of ideas and to provide the space and time needed to learn, grow, get inspired, experiment, and create new work. IMAC believes that diversity is important within the makeup of our residency program. The Makers Lab seeks diversity both from the work itself in terms of genre and content and in the background of the artists.

Photo by: Zach Rosing

Established, interdisciplinary artist

OPEN Indy (Original. Performance. Experiments. Now.) is a short-term program in which we invite well established, cutting edge, interdisciplinary artists to Indianapolis to provide accessible, professional, and dynamic training opportunities for performing artists and the general community, and to provide local audiences the opportunity to experience this type of work through performance. 


The program is supported through a partnership between IMAC and NoExit Performance, and was initiated through the mutual desire to merge shared interests into a forum for the Indianapolis community to experience cutting edge, cross-disciplinary training and performance.

Photo by: Charles Borowicz