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Andrea Garay
Workshops + Performance
October 6th-8th 2022

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Andrea Garay is a Mexican performing artist and choreographer, with a formal education in contemporary dance and a huge interest in movement.​ She is Co-director of Nómada Proyecto Escénico, a multidisciplinary dance collective in Mexico City, Co-founder of Hekatômbe Producción Artística and former member of the performance collective "Exploraciones Escénicas Indisciplinadxs.

She has focused her career in the investigation of movement as a form of communication.

Andrea works with the integration of different elements and textures in stage in order to generate enveloping environments to create memorable experiences in the audience. She seeks to evoke sensibility and invites the public to reflect on the concepts she works with in her pieces. She uses improvisation and contemporary forms of movement to articulate body language. 

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Workshop #1


Thursday, October 6th



Iris Rosa Dance Studio

1145 E 22nd Street

Suite 201

Indianapolis, 46202

A full body experience that will work through awareness of self and space through improvisational tasks and the blending of various technical languages of contemporary dance. We'll be focusing on energetic work, floorwork, going into and out of the floor, phrase construction, moving through space and with space, communicating through movement - the sense of wholeness of the body and finding joy in moving with oneself and others. Coordination, speed, breathing, strength, rhythm, fluidity, gesture and attention will be constant elements to work on during the workshop.

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Workshop #2

All Levels

Saturday, October 8th


Indy Movement Arts

4011 N. Pennsylvania St.

Indianapolis, 46205

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to explore their body through movement, joy and dance. Participants will be guided through some improvisational tasks to warm up and get to know our moving body, followed by some simple strength and flexibility exercises to feel our body strong and powerful. To finish, we'll mix up some exercises to construct simple dance phrases to challenge coordination, memory and rhythm. For an hour and a half, we'll be giving space to our intuitive, dynamic, sensitive and expressive body, having our mind and body working together to seek joy and pleasure while moving through space. 

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Friday, October 7th



Dance Kaleidoscope Studios

1125 E Brookside Avenue

Indianapolis, 46202

This performance is presented in partnership with Arte Mexicano en Indiana.


The crushing weight of absence is a work in progress solo dance piece by Andrea Garay that dialogues with the concept of absence in three different levels: what is not there, what has never been there, and with the absence left by loss in distinct ways. Losing a friend, losing an object, losing a dream, losing a belief, losing yourself. Absence as an empty space which was formed or has always been like that and which seeks, through reflection, the understanding of its ephemeral nature and its ambiguous quality.

"This piece works with some feelings I've been struggling with lately, directly and indirectly and this has been a living investigation of this concept in my surroundings. The following questions has been a starting point to develop this work: What weighs more, what is there and is lost or what has never been there? And, why do the unsaid things weigh so much? The piece is constructed by small images and moments of reflection to address absence as loss but also as a possibility, looking for alternatives to reduce the weight we give to what is not there by accepting and embracing it, in order to find lightness."

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