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Amy Sigil and Brittney Laleh Banaei

July 15-16, 2023

Saturday July 15, 2023

Phoenix Rising Dance Studio
5122 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220






Amy Sigil: Generate


Brittney Laleh Banaei: Fully-Embodied Fusion

The Athenaeum
401 East Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46220





Tech Rehearsals for Performers

Doors Open

Brittney Laleh Banaei: Lecture/Discussion


Sunday July 16, 2023

Phoenix Rising Dance Studio
5122 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220




Amy Sigil: ITS

Space is limited so Sign Up TODAY!

If you are interested in performing in the Show, July 15 at the Anthenaeum, please contact  All performers must be signed up for at least 2 workshops and will receive a discount code for workshop fees.  

Show Information coming soon!

To Register and pay for classes, please click the "Book Now" button below.  Be sure to scroll through the calendar to July 15 or 16 to find the class.  

Amy Sigil

Amy Sigil is a mover, coach, team builder and choreographer from Northern California. Creator of Improv Team Sync and the Sigil Method, owner of Sigil School, and director of UNMATA. Sigil enjoys bringing movement to people in a variety of settings to facilitate team building, self understanding, and growth. She aims to create safe and inclusive spaces for all bodies. "You're gonna love me!"

Brittney Laleh Banaei

Brittney Laleh Banaei is an Iranian-American dancer, scholar, bodyworker, and educator. Her integrative approach to movement (and life) combines her passions of inclusivity, critical thought, empowerment, decolonization, and wellness.

Brittney recently joined the Missouri State University dance faculty as an instructor of
contemporary dance dance kinesiology, dance composition, and dance history. Additionally, she is a STOTT Pilates® trained instructor, certified Gyrotonic® instructor, licensed massage therapist, and an avid weightlifter. She uses those skills to help other humans find growth,ease, and confidence in their chosen movement practice(s).


Brittney holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Missouri State University with a
minor in Middle Eastern Studies (history, comparative politics) and received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. In her artistic work, She is investigating themes of surveillance, ritual, erasure/invisibilization, and humor as they relate to the development, exploration, and transmutation of identity. Additionally, Brittney interrogates the idea of Middle Eastern-ness by finding performative satisfaction in both subverting and upholding deeply embedded orientalist expectations of the performing Middle Eastern body. Brittney is interested in what it means to be a "fusion human," and the complexities of navigating a multiethnic experience. She approaches her research from a Performance Studies lens,
operating at the nexus of movement, geopolitics, law, philosophy, and sociology. Her graduate research is centered on the Iranian Diaspora created by Iran's 1979 Revolution.

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